Deby Burton

Hi, I am a breast cancer survivor!  I was diagnosed with breast cancer on September 13, 2011, and I was uninsured.  My husband and I started liquidating as many assets as we could in order to pay for my treatment.  Then, I turned to my computer in search of any type of financial assistance which may be available for the uninsured.  Like many of you, we had made donations to the American Cancer Society and the Susan G. Komen Foundation, so I turned to them first.  This is when I found out that while these organizations are on the front line for funding research to find a cure for all types of cancer, they do not offer financial assistance to individuals diagnosed with cancer.  Further research of other organizations left me with the same answer: there was no financial assistance available for someone in my situation.

I had heard of the Mesquite Cancer HELP Society (MCHS) and played Bunko with their office manager.  I wasn't sure exactly what services MCHS offered, but I knew I needed to find out, and find out quickly.  I called and made an appointment to meet with Lorraine, the office manager, on September 19th, the day before my lumpectomy was scheduled.

Walking through the office door felt as close to being hugged as one could get without the physical contact.  Lorraine outlined the educational and financial services provided by the MCHS, had me fill out a simple application, explained the criteria for financial assistance and most of all, assured me I would not be alone in this fight for my life.

Once my application was approved, I was given a fuel voucher form to have signed every time I made a trip to St. George for treatment.  The MCHS was going to reimburse me $10 for each round trip.  This may not sound like a lot, but believe me when I tell you that when you are making 5 trips a week for 7 weeks of radiation, this reimbursement makes a real difference on your budget.

It is now 2014, I am cancer-free, and I am now the office manager of the MCHS.  Our goal is still to make every person who walks through our door feel like they are being hugged the moment they step inside, and most of all, to assure them they are not alone in this fight for their life.  You see, we all know first-hand how important maintaining these feelings are: each of us have either had cancer or been the  care-giver of a cancer patient.

In closing, I also know first-hand how much even a small amount can make a BIG difference to someone faced with the soaring costs of cancer treatment, insured or not.  I encourage each of you reading this story, and others, to donate to this wonderfully unique Society.  You truly can make a difference in the MCHS's fight against the devastating impact cancer has on your neighbors.  Thank you!

Stories of Hope

Roy Stewart

My husband, Roy, was diagnosed with prostate cancer last February, 2018.  Not having adequate insurance to cover the costs of radiation and procedures, we were lost.  I did some research and found Mesquite Cancer HELP Society.  After contacting the center, we were able to obtain the treatment and care he required.  He now is cancer free and we are so grateful for the help they provided.

Joseph Radosh(written by Stacy Safbon)

At the beginning of 2014 my husband, Joe, was diagnosed with Stage 4 throat cancer, which was, thankfully, contained to the throat area.  Joe had to start treatment immediately, and of course, the treatment was in St. George, at the Southwest IHC/Huntsman Cancer Center.  We didn't have the resources to travel back and forth everyday, and we were waiting to hear about Medicaid coverage for the prescriptions Joe needed. We had no idea where to turn, and we needed help fast!

One day, my sister-in-law heard about the Mesquite Cancer HELP Society at, of all places, a local cigarette store!  We called and made an appointment with the MCHS to see what help was available.  After completing an application, and being approved for services, they helped us with fuel reimbursement for trips to St. George, as well as partial payment for prescription costs.

I am happy to say that Joe made it through chemotherapy, and we are hoping for the best at his next PET scan.  Based on the kindness, sensitivity and compassion of the MCHS, we feel compelled to let others know what a great organization the MCHS is...a Godsend!  We couldn't have done it without them.

​​Mary Grace Smith

I was diagnosed with Stage 3b metastatic melanoma in April, 2016.  Surgeries and treatment started immediately.  I had a lot of support from family and friends helping me adjust to my new reality.

I had been given a lot of information, opinions, and advice, but one of the best pieces of information I received was to contact Mesquite Cancer HELP Society.  It took me a while to finally contact them but when I did, I was given a true blessing.

Upon visiting with them I was given a very simple application and learned that I could get assistance both financially and emotionally.  They provided me with fuel reimbursements to offset the many trips I made to Las Vegas.  They also offered one-on-one counseling to help me work through the emotional toll that cancer took on me.  The staff was very resourceful and always made me feel important and that I had their full support in anything I faced.

​I am forever grateful to MCHS for being in my community and  helping me through my journey.  THANKS!   


​​​​Susan Rango

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of 2019.  I was beside myself when I was given this news. I turned to our local cancer society support group and found their support and knowledge helped me a great deal; it helped me get through this journey, and  I realized I was not alone the the thoughts and emotions I had - everyone else had also experience them.  Everyone in support group shares and we learn from each other. Their show of strength and willingness to help each other is a major support tool within the group.  I had a lumpectomy plus 3 lymph nodes removed which tested positive.  I am currently going through 5 months of chemo then will do 6 weeks of radiation.

The cancer society provided me with counseling and financial assistance which was amazing because I did not know how I was going to pay these medical bills.  

Sandi Allan

I am what you would call a Veteran Cancer Warrior.  I have been fighting breast cancer disease for the past 18 years.  As of right now I am in my 8th recurrence with cancer --spreading to my ribs, pelvis, spine, and skull.  I have 5 different types of breast cancer.  

It has also spread throughout my bone marrow.  I made a decision to move to Mesquite last year., to look for new treatments and a new oncologist who had been recommended to me.  I am now on permanent chemo every 3 weeks with bone infusions, also.  

I was told about Mesquite Cancer HELP Society (MCHS) by new friends and my oncologist.  I instantly liked Mary Grace, the office manager, when she took my call.  She gave me valuable information on where to find help through the state and set an appointment up immediately to talk with Yoli, administrator and founder of MCHS.  When I met with Yoli, I felt I had known her forever; she is a wonderful person.

​Having gone through cancer herself, she understood my plight.  Being new to the area, Yoli

made me glad I was here. I cannot thank these ladies enought for all theya re doing to help me and others.  This community is bless to have them here because, as we know, cancer is not going any place.  Please help support MCHS.  We all need each others help.  God Bless You all in your own fight.  Aug, 2019

Gladys Vielman

 I am writing to express my sincere thanks for the Mesquite Cancer Help Society's (MCHS) understanding, compassion and support, both emotionally and financially, during my time of greatest need.  Without you, I am not sure what I would have done.

When I was at my lowest level, the staff was so professional, kind and caring that it gave me hope.  When I was confused and had doubts, the cancer center was patient and took time to help me understand what needed to be done.

I was always thoroughly impressed by the staff of the cancer center and always looked forward to visiting with you.  Any questions I had were calmly and delicately answered.

It is with utmost gratitude and gratefulness that I say thank you for all you have done for me.  I will never forget you.   

​​Debbie Basora

(Excerpt from Part 3 of a 3-part series written by Debbie Basora and published in the Mesquite Local News 12/30/09, 01/07/10 & 01/14/10)

...I owe a deep debt of gratitude to the Mesquite Cancer HELP Society (MCHS) and to Yoli Bell and her staff.  They have provided much-needed information, loving support, and most important at times, tremendous financial support.  I was referred to the MCHS organization through Deb Christiansen at Intermountain Health Care...

...Just because you are not insured, have limited financial resources and are mired in other issues, there is hope...

...I was in the MCHS office...getting a reimbursement check for some medical bills they were kind enough to help me cover, when a woman came to tell them that they had raised an impressive amount of money to be donated to the organization.  More angels in our community; more lives to be impacted in a positive way.  I am one of many in our community who fight this battle...

Henry L. Hall

The Mesquite Cancer Society has done so much for me.  It is hard to express how much but they gave me financial assistance for fuel, radiation treatments, cancer tests, physical therapy and pain management. They also paid for my voice machine, and when I had to pay for my own indwelling voice prosthesis they also paid for it.  They have been a savior to me.

Mary M.  I am so grateful to MCHS for all the financial and emotional support they have given me.   

Nola Reid

Without the Mesquite Cancer HELP Society I was lost and frustrated.  They helped me deal with the insurance company and worked with them on straightening out my bills.  The cancer society literally saved my sanity.


In August, 2004 I was Diagnosed with colon cancer.  I had no idea where to go or what to do, then I found Yoli Bell in the little office (a construction shack) donated to her society.  There I found hope, kindness, information, warmth and friendship - all of which added together helped pull me through.  I am extremely grateful.